Flying a Pet Home

We've had lots of success getting animals off the island. Follow these steps, we're here to help.


health certificate

You must take your pet to a veterinarian to receive a health certificate for travel. The health certificate is valid for 10 DAYS, which means your travel date must fall within those days.

The doctor will give the animal a check up and determine its wellness to travel. You must provide vaccination records of your pet. If your pet is not vaccinated, the veterinarian can vaccinate your pet.

If necessary, a letter of acclimation can be obtained indicating that the animal is able to withstand a range of temperatures.

Contact us to make an appointment to get a health certificate. You can also find a list of other veterinarians here if we are not open on the day you need an appointment.

travel kennel

These are based off the size of the animal you are bringing home.

Soft sided carriers are acceptable for in-cabin transport. Generally, a pet must be 20 lbs or less to qualify. Hard kennels are required for cargo travel. Be sure they are "airline approved." They MUST BE single entry door and metal screws and no wheels (if it comes with plastic screws you can go to the hardware store and buy proper screws). You can purchase them at the following outlets.

  • Vieques Humane Society
  • Centro Commercial Vieques (next to the post office) - Mon-Sat (smaller carriers)
  • Nales Hardware, Vieques  - Mon-Fri
  • Petsmart, Fajardo - Mon-Sun
  • Walmart, several locations on the main island - Mon-Sun
  • Other pet supply stores on the main island

If you are having trouble locating a kennel on Vieques, ask around. Check with your guest house manager, bartender or tour guide. Put the word out. People on this island are very willing to help get an animal to a forever home. If VHS is not able to provide a kennel for sale, it may have an old one that will work just to get you to the main island.

The airlines have strict policies on transporting your pets and kennel requirements. Please go to your airline's website to get the most up-to-date requirements (links below).



Travel to the main island

There are several options to get your new pet from Vieques to the main island.

  • Ferry (kennels are required for travel on the ferry)
  • Vieques Airlink - generally must be 30lbs or less, 26” kennel maximum, have small kennels for rent
  • Air Flamenco - kennel must fit in cargo, medium size or smaller, no weight limit
  • Cape Air - medium sized kennels
  • AeroTaxi Charters - (787) 602-7605, (787) 408-0117

If your new love is particularly large, don’t despair. Often times you can use a much  smaller crate to transport him between Vieques and the main island than is required by the major airlines. It may look uncomfortable, but so is living on the beach waiting for scraps, and it’s only temporary. You will need to call the Vieques airlines to arrange for passage and to ensure that your crate is size compatible. Better yet, drop by the airport with the animal. AeroTaxi is a charter service with a desk at Ceiba airport, so you can’t visit them. They are really responsive when you call.

Flight Home


We have listed a few of the most common airlines with service from San Juan International.

Regardless of what airline meets your needs, be sure to go online to check the details of pet travel.

American Airlines

Provide both in cabin and cargo pet transport. Temperature restrictions on cargo. Breed Restrictions.

United Airlines

Provide both in cabin and cargo pet transport. No temperature restrictions. Breed Restrictions.

Jet Blue

In-cabin only, no pet cargo.

Delta Airlines

Provide both in cabin and cargo pet transport. Temperature restrictions on cargo. Breed Restrictions.

Spirit Airlines

In-cabin only, no pet cargo.

Southwest Airlines

In-cabin only, no pet cargo.